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  1. mandown

    No life guard on duty

  2. RayB

    College is "worthless"

    ...says Bill Gross of PIMCO http://www.zerohedge.com/article/bill-gross-college-worthless Enjoy. :)
  3. syadasti

    Food Fraud Major Problem

    First it was fake crab - surimi. Then you had to watch out for fish substituting which has become a major problem. Now the Chinese are . The last straw, the Japanese have enabled people to pass off sh*t as beef:rofl:
  4. cmc

    the sad state of news journalism

    At 7:13 pm: "Texas police find children's bodies in mass grave: report" At 8:50 pm: "Judge says tip on mass Texas grave false" The story went all the way from Texas to Calgary and Montreal in less than an hour...
  5. TN

    Why? (religious iconography)

    Why is Christian iconography so morbid & sad (for the most part...IMO) compared to Buddhist iconography or Hindu? Although Hindu iconography can sometimes be violent it still looks cool & invokes more of a "F YEAH!" than a "damn.". Thoughts?