1. DaveW

    The Ad blocker and paywall thread

    I know a few of us run into sites that have fits about your ad blockers* or posts that link to paywalls So I figured a thread on countermeasures would be good. This thread on Mastodon has a few good tips at the start. https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@vi/110849280913781361 *FWIW I don't mind...
  2. jstuhlman

    awwww shit. IT'S ON

    enough with the crumpets and chips in the dh thread, yo. it's finally about to pop off in lenzerheide for 2023! new format? sure. can you watch it? who knows! will there be youtube and insta things to follow? fo shizzle. but it is what it is and it's WCDH TIME, BABY! @jackalope, quit mixing up...