1. Aviator9

    For Sale Nukeproof Electron Flat pedals ( Black )

    A pair of lightly used Nukeproof Electron Flat pedals ( Black ) 30.00 shipped with in the USA Buyer pays either 3% paypal fee or sends as paypal friends and family.
  2. C

    Pedal Recomendations

    I was looking at nashbar and MTBR reviews for pedals and was wondering if any of you have pedals that you really love or recommend. I would prefer a pedal that is platform but if it has clips it needs to be platform/clip mix. Kit
  3. S

    Odyssey Plastic pedals

    Whats the go with these pedals iv heard good stuff about them but just wanna no if they have been tried and tested and wat u have to say bout them?
  4. moose99ps

    crank bros.

    im looking at a set of crankbros. egg beater pedals. has anyone on here used these? and how well do you like them? worth the money?
  5. Defenestrated

    Premium Slim Pedals?

    http://www.danscomp.com/465046.php# Anyone run these? Interested in how the bearings hold up, grip, etc... before I drop any money on a pair. They look nice and light/slim though :brows:
  6. dirtgirl

    Crank Brothers Egg Beaters versus some old used Ritcheys

    I just pulled my mtb out of the basement where he has been relegated for the past few years, lonely and sad, longing for a ride. So I finally gave in to his demands and will be riding again shortly. However, he's in need of a big tuneup, and I'm rummaging through my bag of bike goodies, and...
  7. erikkellison

    PD-M646 Overhaul Walkthrough

    Okay, so I hear these pedals are no longer made, and are great. I for one am quite impressed with the quality. So, knowing I was going to overhaul a set of them prior to sale (since I don't ride clipless), I decided to make it a photo-walkthrough. There are a couple hangups that a walkthrough...