1. T0MJ04D

    Massanutten YEE-HA! photos

    Thanks to everyone who came out to race Massanutten this weekend. Logan Mulally took the Men's pro division with Lauren Daney in first for the ladies. Photos from Saturday's Race -- Photos in full set should be in race order. I tried to catch everyone, but sorry if I missed you.
  2. B

    Capture your money-shot moments - only $90 for a 90-minute photo session

    I am offering this deal on Zozi (until midnight on February 13), where I'll shoot any adrenaline junkie or otherwise active individual plus up to five friends, for only $90 for 90 minutes! Even though bikes, snow sports and fitness are three of my specialties, I am open to shooting almost...
  3. ivanfiestas

    My new Intense 951

    Hi guys, after two months waiting, today I finally got my new Intense 951 frame. I thought I would post some pics and a time lapse video after doing the job :thumb: Enjoy!
  4. R

    More US Open Pics

    Fun day out on the mountain, here are some pics. Plenty more to come - I got a lot of the AM Men on the rockgarden so I'll get them up later. Amazing to see what these fast guys can do on trails we know. You might (should) know these guys: Shameless crop: I'm not a...
  5. dap

    Plattekill DH Race #1 Photos

    Well, my first time doing an event and things went ok. Got there Sunday morning and setup two spots on the mountain. And for anyone who missed the epic finish line stunt check out the gallery: ^^More found at: http://exposedphoto.com/gallery/8106911_eNbRx/1/528491145_D3cne...
  6. cheetaprowlerDH

    Couple pics i took today... any good?

    a couple guys cruised out on the jetties i was sitting on taking pictures of waves today and started doing some rockhopping/whatever and i thought it was pretty friggin rad because i had never seen any form of trials in real life before! anyways i took a these pics from where i was and i think...
  7. smbisig

    2008 Canadian Open Photos...

    2008 Canadian Open DH photos are up. Check them out HERE. Slopestyle photos are soon to follow once I have time to go through them (hopefully tonight) and do my usual minor tweaks. steven b~
  8. W

    Fresh Wisp Photos

    Howdy all, just spent the last 48 hours uploading beautiful 12.3 megapixel shots onto my site at www.wnhphotography.com Photos are available for purchase as digital files as well as prints, T-shirts, Mugs, etc. And just be advised, they all look gorgeous - it's an easy way to spend money...
  9. Transcend

    Fort William World Cup

    Rainy and cold in Scotland, who'd a thunk it?
  10. TreeSaw

    2008 Season Photos

    Admin edit: Please limit the number of photos per post to around 3-4. That will allow the thread to be split up across multiple pages rather than being a several-megabyte single page load. Here's the deal...I personally love seeing ride photos and I am tired of the drama so use this thread...

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo!

    Post your "going big air" or road gap photo! Let the sickness begin........... - - - - -
  12. T

    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    ok, so i decided to post pictures of my bikes, let me know what you think, and lets see what you other Transition owners have. i have had a Dirtbag since they first came out and i love the bike. this is my current Dirtbag and i must say it is really nice the best set up i have had for the...