1. Pesqueeb

    ***Mondaze GMT***

    :wave: Slept like crap. Got to do the bi-annual Dog and Pony Show today with the airport badging office to renew my access. :rolleyes:
  2. mantispf2000

    Dictionary help, please.....

    Piihb---- What the geebers does this stand for??? (Sorry, I'm having a sally-trucker moment, and my blond hair is showing my moron-itude)
  3. Red Rabbit


    So I met this new girl. she's really awesome and I don't want this one to end like the others. We've being hanging out for the last week and hooked up last night. I want to send her flowers, but I don't want them to come off as "Thanks for the fvck" flowers. Should I wait a while? So yeah, I...
  4. $tinkle

    planned parenthood all up in your privates

    http://takecaredownthere.org/ take time to find your favorite, & tell if you figure out the point of dragging/dropping shapes. this website was brought to you by a link, in an FRC newsletter, sent to my wife. aren't you glad i'm hooked up?