1. MMike

    just great

    I'm being imposed upon. So the son of a customer....or potential customer in France is an engineering student. And he needs to do a 3 month stage......sorry "internship" for you american types. So all of a sudden he's my problem. We've just hired 3 new permanent employees, so I've got my...
  2. mandown

    Jesse James - down with the skankness

    Cheating on the wife is bad enough... and the wife is Sandra Bullock... and you picked this fine bit of "human" life to do it with? Get a lawyer and some shots. http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2010/03/news_flash_michelle_bombshell.html...
  3. Gunner

    Ring buying advice needed.

    To all those married Monkeys out there. How did you guys decide on a place to buy an engagement ring? Recommendations from friends or just randomly go to jewelers and find a ring you could afford? Or hit up a big name brand store and hope to not be bent over the counter by the salesman? :)...
  4. Wingnut

    harbl isn't the only search that gets RM hits...