1. troy

    Fox 34 GRIP valving: E-bike vs Regular vs Pike Select? 150+ 27.5

    Hey guys, I'm building an enderpo bike. I'm looking for a 160mm travel fork. Found a new (2019), dirt cheap Fox 34 with GRIP damper and 140mm travel. It is an E-bike version tho, with thicker stanchions and so on. Much heavier than the regular one (2100g~). From what I have seen on Fox...
  2. S

    For Sale 2015 Custom Build Stumpjumper Expert Carbon EVO 29

    Time to sell the stumpy. Built up from bare frame in October 2014. Only a few of this color kicking around. This bike is a blast, but I'm going for a shorter-travel ride for the next build. Great all-around trail bike for a killer price. More photos available upon request. Crazy looking...
  3. Re.Cycle.D.mountainracing

    For Sale 5 long travel single crown forks

    fork#1 ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-Rock-Sh...e=STRK:MESE:IT 2010 Rock Shox Pike 327 coil U-turn 95mm-140mm white suspension fork 1 ⅛ steertube 7.25” length alloy has starnut installed 20mm axle maxle quick release (for use with 110 x 20mm front hub) rebound adjuster adjustable...
  4. S

    Will a new 150mm Pike mess up the Geo on my GT Distortion?

    I have a short travel GT Distortion. I use it as my trail bike because I love its short travel/sharp handling and how playful it is. Ive been wanting a new bike until the new Cane Creek inline came out in the right size and gave me a new tunable option for the rear. Annnnd im wondering what...
  5. W

    Spring rate change by cutting springs??

    Does anyone here know how to calculate the change in spring rate that occurs when you chop a spring? The reason why I ask is that I have a pike 454 dual air U-turn that has felt horrible since day 1, and after dealing with it for 3 years, I want to go coil. I have a couple boxxer springs...
  6. B

    Installing Pike 454 dual air system to Revelation RL - possible?

    Hi, guys I need a quick and professional advice. Is it physically possible to install the dual air spring from Pike 454 to my Revelation RL and will my fork work as fluently as originally (lowered to 100mm)? Actually, the negative air shaft is what I'm interested in - is it the same in...
  7. W

    Pike leaking?

    Hi guys, So I'm looking for some advice on my Pike. It's a dual air, u turn unit. Somewhat recently, I changed the seals to enduro seals. In the process, I may have slightly nicked the inners where the seals seat. I reassembled with copious amounts of suspension grease. Anyway...
  8. W

    Fork Servicing

    Does anyone know anything about servicing forks. Particularly Rock Shox Pikes?
  9. B

    Stock springs in Pike 454 Coil?

    What are the stock springs in a Rockshox Pike 454 coil u-turn? Medium or firm?