1. stackout

    Three Peaks USA Ultracross 9/22 Beech Mountain, NC

    55 Mile UltraCross Race and the 35 Mile Little Three Peaks Gravel FUNdo September 22, Beech Mountain, NC American UltraCross Championship Series Round 5 Blue Ridge Monster Cross Series Race 3 Capo Cycling King of Pain Series Finale Register at https://www.bikereg.com/Net/19387 I am...
  2. 2

    What do you want in PISGAH? Vote or shut the hell up!

    I just copied this from another site hoping to get more aggressive riders input. It takes all of 1 minute. Pisgah Area SORBA » Blog Archive » Pisgah Area Trail Evaluation User Input Survey The United States Forest Service is developing a Non-Motorized Trails Strategy for how the trails we...
  3. S

    Pisgah and Beer!

    Just a heads up... Next time you are in Brevard for a Ride, stop in at The Hub for Beer. We have 4 beers on Draft, PBR in cans, (Liquor and a Rita machine on the way.) Also, we are now located on the corner, just 4 doors down. More updates to come...
  4. ncfreerider5001

    Pisgah (beehive, headleys, rasberry) Feb 6 or 7

    So, this saturday or sunday (february 6 or 7) some friends and I are going to Pisgah to hit up the sweet downhill singletrack. -How are the trails? Muddy? Snowy? -How are the shuttle roads? Will 4x4 be adequate? -Are the main roads even drivable? How much snow did you guys get?
  5. ncfreerider5001

    MTB in Pisgah in Winter?

    So, we can all agree that the DH trails in Pisgah are amazing. Yet, during the fall and spring I'm busy with school, sports etc. So does anyone know what trails are rideable during the winter months? Particularly around late december? I heard that the shuttle roads close when it...
  6. Eyedfy

    Gravity in Pisgah

    Anybody got the wurd on some good gravity runs, maybe a shuttle situation either in Pisgah or DuPont? We'll be riding 6" bikes, so we're not looking for the major gnarr. Just some good tech and flow. Thanks:D