1. MmmBones

    Wanted Specialized Pitch XL frame, w/ parts or complete

    I'm looking for an XL Specialized pitch 26" frame, with parts or complete. Let me know what you got. Thanks,
  2. max.broman

    Any alternatives? Or is this the right bike for me?

    Alright. So I ride a hardtail gary fisher marlin right now, but I've been riding a lot lately, and have found I need a better bike. I ride some technical downhill style trails, single tracks, XC style trails, and then sometimes even ride on gravel roads and such. So I need a do it all...
  3. tom-swift

    2008 Pitch Pro shock upgrade

    I have a 2008 Specialized Pitch Pro with a Lyrik up front (160mm) and right now running it stock with the Fox RP2 in the rear (150mm). This would be a bit down the road but was curious about the plausibility of a shock upgrade to make the bike a little more viable on downhill trails. Right now...