porking the pork

  1. Sandwich

    So question

    If Jeniffer Love Hewitt married Kevin Bacon, would she be Jennifer Love Bacon, and have the best name in the world?
  2. boogenman


    EDIT: I changed the title because other parts of the piggy are pretty damn delicious. Tacos are the #1 food I like to eat and a bacon taco is not as good as a taco made with slow braised pork shoulder:drool:
  3. mandown

    Old-Fashioned Bacon - "housemade bacon bourbon"

    Yup, I ordered one up. And it was good. Bacon Old-Fashioned - housemade bacon bourbon, brown sugar simple syrup, bourbon-soaked cherries. I felt like I was cheating by going to The Village Idiot, a pub a few doors down from my favorite breakfast place, The Blu Jam Cafe; but The Jam...