port angeles

  1. pink46

    Lost GoPro at Port Angeles ProGRT

    i recently lost my GoPro at the ProGRT in Port Angeles. If you have any information on it or have found it please contact me and I can describe it in detail to you. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will 509-710-7973 william.floyd@email.wsu.edu
  2. chance199

    Dry Hill?

    Anyone been up there lately? hows it looking? Anyone know of any maps of the trails?
  3. PatBranch

    Pro GRT #1 photos

    I flew up to Seattle from Burbank and Mark from Bones Over Metal picked me up and we were off to Port Angeles. When I was waiting on the curb, I realized I left my seat at home in the stand... so I rode Thursday with a 'custom' seat. It was only like $20 to send overnight with fedex, so my dad...
  4. elRey

    I need a ride to PA this weekend.

    I don't think anyone checks the ride share thread so I am starting this thread. I live in downtown bellingham and need a ride to the fluidride race this weekend april 3-5 at port angeles. If anyone has room for me and and my bike that would be great. I'll chip in for gas and stuff.