1. Feral Motion

    Riot in the Yard @ The Lumberyard

    Feral Motion is throwing it's official launch party at The Lumberyard on Sept 22nd for all riders. This party is already huge with a number of pro riders showing up for the pro jam, a commercial shoot you can be a part of and a free swag give away just for showing up and being part of the fun...
  2. Hup

    Flatland Jam at The Lumberyard Bike Park (Portland, OR)

    I am not sure if anyone on here is interested but we are having a flatland bmx jam at the Lumberyard bike park (http://www.lumberyardmtb.com/) this Saturday (August, 4th) from noon to six. Everyone is welcome. So if you are in the area please swing by and check it out. You can find more info...
  3. N

    Rogue trail builders clear mile-long off-road bike path in Portland

    This is ridiculous, we clear huge land masses for roads etc, but if someone build's a 12" bike path, they have destroyed the forest. At least the people who built the trail were enjoying the forest. I am almost speechless. Link