ps3 makes you ghey

  1. IH8Rice

    Playstation hates your security

    after over a week of stringing us along, they throw this at us: http://kotaku.com/#!5795913/sony-comes-clean-playstation-network-hackers-have-stolen-personal-data
  2. sstalder5

    Xbox 360 Elite or PS3?

    I've decided that I want to get a game console to take back to college with me. Right now I am completely divided between xbox 360 and ps3.. What do you guys think? What are some pros and cons for each system?
  3. Downhiller

    gran turismo 5 in 2007 !

    for one CRoatian car magazine Kazunori Yamauch maker of gt series say that during 2007 year for ps3, gt 5 will be finished, Sony dont say anything, because he didnt believe that gt maker will say to small Croatian car magazine that big news which rock the gt fans... i am big fan of gt series...