1. MountainGuru

    Important Question

    Which Mountain Bike should i buy? Specialized Rockhopper comp 2017, or the Diamondback Line 2017?
  2. Kalbi777

    Manitou-dorado Questions...

    Hi guys ! I'm new to this forum with seams great so hello to anyone. I bought a new dorado maybe 2-3 months back. when I put my front wheel in the fork and I followed the instructions on how to align the fork legs to prevent internal friction. My wheel is closer to one fork leg. I also realized...
  3. L

    Questions regarding trigger shifters

    Hi guys, I've got some questions regarding trigger shifters for my graduation project. Would be really nice if you fill in the answers. Thanks in advance! :thumb: 1. What's the maximum price you're willing to spend on a high quality trigger shifter? 2. What's the most important aspect of...
  4. max.broman


    Anybody know any good magazine about mountain biking? I love getting something cool to read in the mail, so I wanna subscribe to one. What's the best one out there? I'm interested mostly in DH, Dual Slalom, and Super D type riding. So yeah. Thanks.
  5. sstalder5

    What does UST stand for on tires???

    First of all i'm not looking for a lesson on tubeless tires. i know how they work and i dont want to run them. but ive been looking around for a good set of dh tires (i think ive decided on maxxis minions either 2.5 or 2.7) and the little acronym ust keeps coming up. i know it means that the...