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  1. Q

    Diegoworx - KHS Factory Racing

  2. Q

    NEW from KHS the DH650B prototype

    Watch her in action at the Red Bull Rampage!!
  3. Q

    VIDEO: KHS Factory Racing BLASTING on the East Coast!!

  4. Q

    UPDATE from the World Cup in Pietermariyzburg, South Africa.

  5. Q

    VIDEO: the offseason 2-6-12

    KHS Factory Racing & "Fant Films"presents, This edit will make you wanna ride... Going viral February 6th, 2012!!!
  6. Q

    KHS Factory Racing has a new FAN page on FB

    https://www.facebook.com/khsracing CHECK OUT THE DH300 TEAM
  7. A-NON-A

    Khs factory rider - kevin aiello

    We did a full feature on Kevin Aiello and the awesome results the team, "Q" has put together, has had this season. Check it out ... http://www.thedirtywheel.com/feature.html
  8. Q

    Port Angeles, WA – Pro GRT 1

    Photos By: Stephanie Wolf & Mike Lord / six3events.com Words by: Quinton Spaulding The KHS factory team recently attended the Pro GRT # 1 in Port Angeles, WA. and it was tuff trying to maintain warmth in the North West during this event. Our Factory Team was proud to be...
  9. Q

    2011 Fontana Winter Series 3

  10. Q

    2011 Fontana Winter Series 3

  11. Q

    2011 Fontana Winter Series Race 2