1. B

    GES #6, Killington, VT. Video

    Awesome riding & racing. What a mountain. Enjoy :D
  2. B

    Gravity East (GES #6) Killington, Vt. Video

    Amazing weekend of riding & racing... Enjoy :D
  3. D

    Big Changes to Rivers Edge 50 mile Mountain Bike Marathon!

    We have very exciting news for this year's event: the 2011 Rivers Edge Mountain Bike Marathon is going to change venues! We are going to hold the 2011 event at the Wood Run Trail System in the Uwharrie National Forest. The race will consist of five laps around a 10 mile loop of single track...
  4. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp Video

    Stay tuned for the ending :rant: Enjoy :D
  5. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp (Fresh Video)

    Stay tunned for the Endng:rant: Enjoy :D
  6. F

    Furious3 Moab 3 Day Mountain Bike Race

    That’s right, I said Furious3 in Moab! A 3 day Mountain Bike Stage Race. Dates are still to be announced, but tentatively right now we’re looking at the end of September in 2012. Registration will begin October 15th of 2011 and there will only be 500 spots. If Fernie is any indication, we...
  7. B

    2011 Gravity East #1 Snowshoe Video

    Check out the latest action from the Gravity East at Snowshoe Enjoy :D
  8. V

    New BMX race track coming to Vancouver, WA

    A new BMX race track is being planned for Vancouver, WA. “Vancouver BMX” will be an 1,100 ft+ dirt race track with jumps and berms which welcomes all bmx / dirt jumpers / mountain bikers / four cross / etc. A new website is up! www.vancouverbmxracing.com - please check it out **There...
  9. huckerAJ

    g.h.y. bikes in Renton bobsled chainless race

    Hey guys we are going to have a downhill pumptrack race. It will be Feb 28th...Sunday. Located near Tapeworm on the south side of the powerlines. Start around noon and have a BBQ, Beverages, and a BBQ. Last one was pretty chill. Check it out at gohuckyourself.com
  10. C

    Epic Ascents and Singletrack Descents in Costa Rica

    Hey Guys, In 2010 El Reto de los Volcanes mtb stage race comes back with a new course featuring more singletrack, longer distances and more epicness! For the fourth consecutive year, El Reto de los Volcanes (“El Reto”) mtb stage race offers participants a unique and challenging stage race...
  11. H

    The Holy Grail. {What you have all been waiting for.}

    Well, the long awaited upgrades to the g-boxx2 platform have finally been rolled out. Everyone said they wanted a lighter weight to make it race-able. How does sub-41 pounds sound? Everyone said that they could not live with the clunky gripshifter. How about electronic push-button...
  12. alloutproductio

    Allout Productions Highlight Reel......!

    Hey you guys-- here's a short highlight reel i did for interbike, mainly footy from Stars & Bars, Floatin', & Days of Dirt, with some new clips from the '09 Worldcup season thrown in....: http://www.alloutprodux.com/alloutreel09.mov (its @ 2:15, 28 megs).
  13. smokeybear

    New Video Bootleg Canyon race

    Last week I finally put BOOTLEG up a full 24 min video on the last race at Bootleg cyn. Please swing by vimeo and post a comment or click like thanks:) BOOTLEG on Vimeo
  14. S

    Anyone going up to Windham Mt GE #4

    Hey guys I wanted to know if anyone Is going up I need a place to stay please let me know if anyone is camping or has a hotel room ill chip in.
  15. dap

    Plattekill DH Race #1 Photos

    Well, my first time doing an event and things went ok. Got there Sunday morning and setup two spots on the mountain. And for anyone who missed the epic finish line stunt check out the gallery: ^^More found at: http://exposedphoto.com/gallery/8106911_eNbRx/1/528491145_D3cne...
  16. AlCapone

    Bar Width

    What's up with all of these super wide bars? They aid in stability, but aren't as sensitive and make the bike feel clumsy at times. Are they really necessary? If you're a pro DHer riding your bike at 50mph, than they would help, but are they jut overkill for the rest of us?
  17. elRey

    I need a ride to PA this weekend.

    I don't think anyone checks the ride share thread so I am starting this thread. I live in downtown bellingham and need a ride to the fluidride race this weekend april 3-5 at port angeles. If anyone has room for me and and my bike that would be great. I'll chip in for gas and stuff.
  18. Eastern States Cup

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule

    Plattekill Bike Park's 2009 Series Race Schedule Plattekill Bike Park presents the: 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Downhill Championship Series AND 2009 Plattekill USAC NYS State Dual Slalom Championship Series May 2-3 Race #1 DH June 13-14 Race #2 DH&DS...
  19. Sandwich

    SOCOM Sunday

    I know everybody hates comparison threads, but I'm looking at either of these bikes for next seasons racing/dh ride and was wondering if anybody has experience on both, or at least the SOCOM. I'm looking at lightly used frames for racing and "free-dhing", in that I won't be hucking, but I won't...
  20. EGGS

    some new dh chain ? ? ?

    i was recently told that theres a dh specif chain on the market with thicker outer plates 9 same size inner plates) so it works on 9 speed cassettes .. any one got a name for it ? link any info . id be int this if i could find it thanks in advance