1. B

    2009 Winter 4x Downhill Mt. Bike Race

    January 25 at 11 A.M. Shawnee Peak- 119 Mountain Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009 Practice runs start at 10:00am. Event starts at 11am. Timed runs from 1:30pm-2:30pm. Awards in Blizzard's Pub at 3pm. $30 Registration fee - and everyone gets a free lift ticket. Register from 8-10:30am . All bikers will...
  2. J

    Parkfield Classic, now with more dual!

    October 4th - 5th http://www.cpslowheelmen.org/parkfield/ We've been working hard transforming the "dual slalom" course back to a true dual slalom course. That's right: you now get to race all the way to the bottom instead of to the third turn! Photo...
  3. T

    Snowshoe DH #3 pics - BW HOG

    The wife and I drove up from Atlanta for our first DH race at Snowshoe this weekend. I guess it was my second DH race, if you count the first Carter’s Lake race, but that’s a 1:40 run time vs. a 6+ minute ride time... We got there Thursday LATE and rode Friday, Sat, and raced Sunday. We...
  4. smbisig

    2008 Canadian Open Photos...

    2008 Canadian Open photos can be found HERE. the slopestyle photos are soon to follow once i have a little more time. thanks! steven b~
  5. ultraNoob

    Bearing Race Repair

    Got an older formula rear wheel. At high speed it was making a growling sound. Opened it up and found imperfections (pitts) on the inner bearing race (the one used to preload the bearings). Does anyone know any way to fill those pitts reliably or am I stuck with buying a new hub?
  6. JohnE


    So my co-worker accuses me of being rascist because- 1. I didnt watch the basketball game last night. Or any basketball game, ever (Other than my kids games. I just dont care for it.). 2. I watch and play hockey. After he accuses me of being a Klansman and derides hockey some more, I...
  7. Transcend

    Andorra World Cup

    Just rolled into Andorra. This place is pretty nuts and very Euro. Course inspection today. Gonna be a gongshow in the mud.
  8. PatBranch

    2008 California gravity race calendar

    http://mediabypb.com/08calendar/ If it needs new events, updates or errors fixed, please let me know.
  9. PatBranch

    2008 California gravity race calendar

    http://mediabypb.com/08calendar/ If there's any errors, new events, or updates it needs, please let me know.
  10. TreeSaw

    Alla-mucho-mud (aka 24 hours of Allamuchy)

    Well, this past weekend, as unprepared as I was, I decided to compete in the 24 hours of Allamuchy. The race is held at a Boy Scout Camp in Stanhope, NJ & offers riders the chance to test their technical skills out for 24 hours. This year's 10.5 mile course wound through the woods of Mt...
  11. TreeSaw

    A Series of Unfortunate 5 Mile Loops -- My first solo 24 at The Churn N' Burn!

    My first solo 24…what an experience! I came into the race hoping to finish (no DNF) and decided that I would just take my time on the first lap to get to know the course and then set a mental goal for how many laps I could complete. My race day started bright & early at 6am with breakfast...