1. BurlyShirley

    How do you say "Ramen" Noodles?

    And what's the most annoying way you've heard it pronounced?
  2. xy9ine

    new noodlyness from norco

    alas, the gratuitous curvy tube detesters are going to be flogged with noodly appendages in '09. the new dh; funky anno / looks light (air rocco!):
  3. BurlyShirley

    Ramen Noodles: Poll

    I have many other options, but right now, Im cooking up 3 bags of preservative laden trans-fats. Damn I love me some Ramen.
  4. BurlyShirley

    Ridemonkey Mustache Competition:

    Care to put your manliness and sophistication to the test against ridemonkey's most handsome and follicly-endowed upper lips? I'm proposing a contest. THE contest. The 2008 Ridemonkey Mustache Competition. An entry fee, yet to be determined, will be held in a paypal account and the...
  5. stoney

    Holy crap that's spicey!

    I just made a sandwich using Sriracha because I couldn't find the mustard. I used it a bit more liberally than I should have, my face is on fire and milk is not calming this burn! This is hot isht!
  6. MMike

    Trick question about fuel economy

    Not sure if this was discussed in Toshi's thread or not but.... Say you own two cars. An SUV and a small car. (say a Civic). You want to replace one of them to save the amount of fuel you burn...your costs etc.... Assume you rack up the same mileage on both cars, and maintenance and all that...
  7. Red Rabbit

    Trader Joes Mac and Cheese

    Best frozen mac and cheese ever. review
  8. M

    Ideas for dinner...

    I'm hungry, don't feel like subway or fast food. Steak sounds good. Any Ideas for dinner fellow monkies??
  9. cannondalejunky

    weird things you put on food

    as long as i can remember i've always put Nutritional Yeast and "Tamari"(soy sauce) on most cooked foods...everything from pop corn to eggs to vegies to spaghetti what can i say, i was raised by hippies, but if i eat something cooked without it, it just tastes weird what weird things to...
  10. laura

    I'm starving.

    I forgot how much hungrier I am when I commute in to work. I am hungry as hell and I ate my sandwich 2 hours ago. I don't think I'll have the strength to make it home.
  11. Taz

    Massanutte YEE-HA introduces Open class

    Details about the news is posted here: http://www.derailedonline.com/archives/000276.html
  12. DRB

    What's your go to meal?

    Especially when you get home from riding and the frig has been raided of the leftovers you had designs on. I usually go for a quesadilla or salad. And if I'm really dying a peanut butter sandwich. The problem is that its usually not enough and I end up grazing around the kitchen.
  13. LordOpie

    boy names

    ...starting with "R"... Go!
  14. Nc Bo

    Two hour climb- 15 min descent!

    Hey y'all, Just wanted to use "y'all" again. People here in Orygun look at you funny when you say it. Well, Mo and I have been Ridin' as much as possible and we hope to see any familiar faces real soon, out here in our new neck of the woods! This weekend we did a different kind of Ridin' so...
  15. $tinkle

    liberating the earth, 4 houses at a time

    Earth Liberation Front Launches Eco-Terror Plot one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter
  16. sanjuro

    Question: What dishes exist only because of the microwave?

    Skipping any microwave burrito jokes, is there a dish that could not be cooked in a conventional oven?
  17. W

    Titanium AM/FR hardtail frame from a new company

    Hi all - We're posting this for feedback to hear what you'd like to see in a dream AM/FR frame. As we strive to become innovators in extreme/action sports, we're looking to offer something unique in a bike frame. Below are some of the benefits and the direction we're going after many...
  18. Echo

    Do I know you?

    So I'm making some ramen for lunch today, and some random dude walks up and is like "Hey man, how have you been?". Totally looking at me like we're best friends or something. I have NEVER seen the guy before, at least not that I can remember. All I could think to do was play along like I...
  19. M

    feeling accomplished

    I cooked a fvcking killer steak on the george foreman tonight..
  20. DirtyMike


    Yes, another Dinner thread, but since the "season" is upon us, whats everyone having for dinner to accompany there training? Tonight I am having baked bourbon chicken with Mashed Potatoes, and brussel Sprouts. I was also on the trainer for an hour while the chicken baked, Oh and for drink...