1. MMike

    20 little monkeys jumping on the bed....

    I just sat through Emily (who will be 4 on Sunday), go from 20 little monkeys down to no little monkeys jumping on the bed. All of whom fell off and bumped their respective heads apparently. She didn't even pause to think about any of it. She just started out of the blue. It was cute.
  2. greenchris

    house buying question...

    Renting is getting old so I'm starting to think about buying a condo. I don't know much about mortgages but I'm going to start doing all my hw... A friend of mine did a interest only mortgage and was explaining it to me. It sounds pretty cool as his monthly payments are lower than what I'm...
  3. BurlyShirley

    It says there are about 7 servings in a can of "Easy Cheese"

    ...but this thing hasnt even lasted through this big bucket of pretzels that I've been slathering with the stuff for the last couple hours. WTF? Am I 7 times greater than your average man? Good thing Im claiming Atkins or this would probably be unhealthy.
  4. loco-gringo

    New Year's resolution...

    I usually don't have one, but I am making one this year. I plan to not eat meat in January, unless it's bacon. :lighten:
  5. BigMike

    Stuck in the $#@*%$& Airport for the next 7 hours

    Stupid pilots not able to land in fog, making me miss my connection! :stupid: We landed at 9:30, my connection left at 9:25. There were 20 other people going to San Francisco, but they didn't hold it. The people in front of me took the few spots left on the connecting flight through...
  6. BMXman

    Any interesting quotes??

    I just saw a guy with a shirt on that said: People are like slinkies, not really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.:clapping: anyone else have any good stuff?...D
  7. r464


    I have never worn leather pants.
  8. elf 232

    I HATE cheerios

    For the last 4 days cheerios have cosisted of at least 80% of my diet since its the only quick snack food in the house, im going to going insane:weee::crazy:, worst "staple" food ever.
  9. B

    Broken Jaw, food options?

    so i recently broke my jaw while riding my bicycle, (30mph into pavement headfirst) got outa surgery yesterday, obtained some titainium in my chin, 13 stches, 6 chipped teeth and alot of roadrash. but i was wondering if you fellow monkeys have been in my situation and what kind of liquified food...
  10. J

    Roommate problem....

    So, I'm not really sure what to do about this. Any ideas might be helpful. Just to give some background, I am in graduate school studying Christian religion, as is my roommate (I moved in in August). He's German, pretty normal guy, very reserved, fairly religious. In any case, I've been...
  11. douglas


    VT50 Reg'd Saturday, then dinner with pigboy & JBP & their relatives, & off to bed early. Out of the Hotel at 4:45am, racer meeting at 5:30...and it was cold! (38). I went off in the 1st wave at 6:15, course was mix of dirt roads, single track & double track and a TON of climbing (8500ft)...
  12. rideit

    Lettuce inside a burrito...

    the shiznit, or total Caca? Please discuss.
  13. dante


    MRP to unveil the all-new G2 Chain Guide at Crankworx :disgust1:

    I Love Livewire @ N* !!!

    that livewire rocks!! those berms were huge and flowy. and they really did water the trail all day long. NO DUST! so many table tops and doubles, it was great. a huge thanks to all the people that made it possible, it made it so worth going to N* every weekend.
  15. Jensen

    wrong forum but...

    im looking for a L or XL santa cruz heckler frame in the SF bay area. ive had NO luck finding one local and would like to pick one up ASAP for the summer d-ville trips as well as all day sierra rides. if anyone has one or knows someone looking to sell a frame, please let me know! thanks
  16. MMcG

    What did you do on your lunch hour today??

    Me - I went for a really nice walk in downtown Hartford, stopped at the bank to deposit a check, had a sammich and an iced coffee and did some people watching. Saw three bike messengers out riding around the downtown streets. I wonder how much those dudes make? :think: They all had very...
  17. The Toninator

    What's a good whiskey?

    I’m going to take some whiskey along with me hiking and I’m looking for a SAAMOOOOTH sippin drink.
  18. trailblazer

    lazy cooks..short cuts.

    i make time to ride every day possible so I am down with lazy cooking and short cuts. feel free to add your successfull attempts. Lazy As* stir fry veg: -one package colourfull coleslaw[lazy as*] -1 thin sliced onion -1 shredded carrot -1/2 thin sliced red pepper -1/2 thin sliced...
  19. dirtydirtysouf

    runch tyme!!!!!!!!!

    homemade chicken salad,crackers and water:monkeydance:
  20. stosh

    Salad recipe request.

    So who's got some good salad recipes? I'm looking for ones that include red meat, chicken or even some type of soy product.