1. firetoole

    Going to Japan

    I will to be in Tokyo and Kyoto area for a week anyone have suggestions on thing to see?
  2. braaaap

    Where is the best place to get a ti-spring?

    Any monkies know of a great place to get a 500 lb X 3.25 ti-spring (For as little as possible). And is it worth eating ramen noodles for a month?
  3. dirtydirtysouf

    Eats Time!!!!!!!!!!!

    some stoffers micromeal.......about 360 cals........:plthumbsdown:
  4. PepperJester

    King SteelSet mod..

    This might be a stupid idea.. ok good chance it is BUT... Specialized says I can't put a SteelSet in my SX-Trail. The head tube won't fit it and they recomended aginst frame mods.. So I want a nice smooth, last for ever king but I am don't like the idea of a Al cup'd head set going on a huck...
  5. N8 v2.0

    Rest In Peace Ramen King!

    Remembering the Ramen King Momofuku Ando's innovative noodle soups built Nissin into a giant whose products have sustained low-budget eaters for decades BusinessWeek.com | January 7, 2007 | Kenji Hall Momofuku Ando's invention of the instant noodle had a classic discovery-by-accident...
  6. CRoss

    What are we doing wrong??

    Seriously, I know this topic is talked about all the time but we must be doing something wrong. Fuel TV has its action sports awards this week and mountain biking is not even mentioned. We cannot even make the best crash segment. Are we that much of a fringe sport that only we can enjoy...
  7. robdamanii

    QOTD 11/30: History says...

    That back in the days of the north and the south, almost everyone was conscripted into service, with very loose guidelines for being fit for service. There was one thing that you had to have to be in the military though... What was it? 2 points.
  8. BurlyShirley

    Post Your Dream Race Breakfast

    I was thinking a big bacon omellette and some oatmeal and some more bacon. Then maybe a banana.
  9. chicodude

    Calling all monkies (recipe requests: fast and easy)

    Okay, I need to know some fairly easy, but tasty recipies. Whata got? Just post whatever good recipies you have :thumb: