1. Nick

    For Sale $700 - Fox 40 RC2 FIT downhill fork

    SOLD - 2012 Fox 40 RC2 FIT damper downhill fork. 203mm travel, ti coil spring installed (lighter and heavier coil springs included). Externally adjustable spring preload, rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression. I'm the 2nd owner. When I got the fork it had minimal scratches...
  2. Nick

    For Sale Fox Vanilla RC2 fork, 160mm travel + extras - $200

    Fox Vanilla fork, coil spring. 160mm travel, 20mm q/r axle RC2 damper (low/high speed compression + rebound adjustment) Straight 1 1/8" steerer tube: 9.5" long This is a used but BUTTERY smooth coil fork. Fork has been regularly serviced and all adjustments work perfectly. Fork will include all...
  3. F

    Fox 40 R OEM upgradeable?

    Hi, I have emailed mtbservice@foxracingshox.com and asked if I can upgrade the 2013 40 R OEM fork with a RC2 cartridge, they don't seem to bother answering me. Does anyone know for a fact if this is possible? Is it the same stations and lowers as a 2013 Fox 40 RC2? Thanks!
  4. I.van

    Pedal bob on 36 Van RC2

    I have just purchased a Rune frame, and swapped all the parts from my old heckler over to it, including my 09 RS Revelation Dual Air's (140mm). I had always planned to get a new fork for the new frame, and after riding the Rune with the Revelations on the front, I definately feel this bike would...
  5. H

    fox 40....bad bad sounds...

    I was recently taking apart my bike for shipping and I noticed some serious noise from fox 40 rc2. When everything was removed from the fork, the brake, the adapter, stem, everything... i was holding it in my hands and it make a loud knocking sound. It occurs mostly when you shake the fort up or...