rear shock

  1. dexter

    For Sale Fox dpx x2 $300- Boise, ID

    For sale is a fox dpx x2 210x55 stroke shock off a yeti sb130LR. Was used for 2 weeks before switching the shock out for a coil. Practically brand new
  2. Nagaredama

    For Sale NEW: Marzocchi ROCO WC 8.75" x 2.75"

    I've got a bunch of brand new Marzocchi ROCO WC's in 8.75" x 2.75" for sale. Great chance to get a brand new shock in place of your old Fox, Rock Shox, Manitou or Marzocchi shock! Details - Ext. adjustable High Speed Compression - Ext. adjustable Rebound - Ext. adjustable bottom-out resistance...
  3. H

    custom tuned shock for IH sunday - is it worth it?

    hi guys, Well I reached point where I can afford most of the frames, next year im gonna roll into masters category (30 years old) and I have been thinking about buying some new frame/bike. Thing is that in previous years I tried many non IH sunday options like Operator, Revolt, Wilson and more...
  4. A

    DHR Shock Choice

    Getting ready to order my new DW-Link DHR and am torn about what shock to get. Even though I'm a fairly light rider I still want to go with a coil. I have heard the X-Fusion feels really nice in this frame but don't have much experience with them, so it's either that, DHX or a CCDB. Anyone have...
  5. MTBXRacing

    Vivid R2C Tune Choice?

    Hey all, I have a 2006 Haro 357 Magnum that I would like to run with a 2011 Vivid RC2 shock. They come with 3 different tunes High, Low and Medium based on leverage ratio. Does anyone know which tune would be right for the 357 (single pivot)? or how do I find the leverage ratio for this bike...
  6. tom-swift

    2008 Pitch Pro shock upgrade

    I have a 2008 Specialized Pitch Pro with a Lyrik up front (160mm) and right now running it stock with the Fox RP2 in the rear (150mm). This would be a bit down the road but was curious about the plausibility of a shock upgrade to make the bike a little more viable on downhill trails. Right now...