1. B

    Wanted Iron Horse Sunday Rear Axle

    Hello, I'm looking for a rear axle for my 2006 Iron Horse Sunday, does anyone know of a spare for sale or a suitable replacement available to buy? I'm UK based but can order internationally if needed. I've contacted an engineering workshop who can create one for me, but because it is a 1 of 1...
  2. andrextr

    [Videos] MTB Rear suspension series

    Hello guys! My name is Andre, I'm from Portugal, and I'm an recreative and passionate mountain biker (at the moment I only do Downhill, but I used to do Enduro, XC and also road cycling 15 years ago). I always enjoyed to see/learn/know/discuss about rear suspension of mountain bikes. Therefore...
  3. A

    Rear Shocks: What size should I buy.

    Hi, I have an Iron Horse SGS-Pro DH and just blew the rear shock. The shock size is 8.75 x 2.75. When I took it off I noticed that the frame can extend a little over an inch than the shock size that I had. So I'm pretty sure that it can fit at least a 9" shock. But I don't know if that's fine...
  4. ultraNoob

    Bearing Race Repair

    Got an older formula rear wheel. At high speed it was making a growling sound. Opened it up and found imperfections (pitts) on the inner bearing race (the one used to preload the bearings). Does anyone know any way to fill those pitts reliably or am I stuck with buying a new hub?
  5. ultraNoob

    24" vs. 26" rear wheel for DH

    I have 2 DH rigs, one of them is an unstoppable tank, aka... Nicolai MPire and the other is a fun-lightish frankenbike whoz origins are unknown. The frankenbike runs a 24" rear wheel. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to running a 26" up front and a 24" rear? Oh yea.. both bikes are...