1. Ray Schumacher

    2011 SRAM shifter rebuild pics

    as a continuation of the excellent thread for 2008 models: http://www.ridemonkey.com/threads/2008-sram-x9-shifter-part-2-hell.206749/#post-3012736 I present some pics for my 2011 SJ repair... Note that one main issue, besides dirt and old grease that got sticky, was that the small spring that...
  2. englertracing

    fox 40 rc2 revalved.

    I'm posting because I have been unable to find any info on 40 modifications. Id like to share what I have done and hear what others have done. stock 16.6 x 0.10 14.5 x 0.10 13.5 x 0.10 9.6 x 0.25 mod 16.6 x .10 15.5 x .10 14.5 x .10 13.5 x .10 9.6 x .25 I weigh 170 middle pack...
  3. EGGS

    fox 40 rebuild/maitence ..to diy or send ot away???

    I was told today that the fork should be rebuilt by fox and fox only .(they change bushings etc... vs just oil ) and I was also told that the legs need to be removed periodcally and the seasl wiped clean. What thuth is there to this? I also read the diy thread and it seems simple enough...