1. M

    A week in Whistler with Red Bull + Crankworx Joyride

    Summer 2011, I had the opportunity, as the 1st prize of an editing contest, to spend a week in Whistler with RedBull Media House. This edit is a compilation of all the best shots i captured during the week, including Crankworx RedBull Joyride and some behind the scenes shots of Sean Pettit...
  2. Transcend

    Rampage! Live Thread. Dudes hucking themselves everywhere.

    I'll be in Virgin, Utah all week digging for Team Aggassiz and firing some photos and updates online in various places from the 2010 Redbull Rampage Evolution. Stay tuned for coverage starting tonight from the desert where it's currently 105f...and probably going to stay this way all week.
  3. E

    RedBull/Kona Stumps, Clump, Jumps Tour Hits Seattle!

    The "Red Bull Stumps, Clump and Jumps" tour hits the west coast August 13-31st with some of freeride's biggest stars climbing in the RV and hitting the road. The tour kicks off on Thursday in Whistler, B.C. at Crankworx and culminates in the City by the Bay - San Francisco. Along the way...