redneck rampage

  1. $tinkle

    racism: where absence of evidence can itself be evidence

    noo yawk mag i'm growing just a little sick of intellectual laziness from supposedly educated people, especially those who are the very model of the closing race-gap.
  2. jimmydean

    NASCAR fans everywhere rejoice.

    Rednecks are tired of getting beat by the Japs. And to think some of my redneck friends laughed at me when I said Toyota would dominate.
  3. BMXman

    Take some f$!&** responsibility!!!!

    So a guy hits a car while pulling out of a parking space over at the Boston Pizza across from my job. Instead of leaving a note he decides to take off before anyone can see him. Well he gets spotted and folks try to stop him. As he's tearing through the parking lot trying to escape he miss...