1. frango

    Monarch Debonair Plus R vs Debonair RT

    Guys, my wife has got Monarch Debonair RT on her Reign 2 LTD. Little blue lever is nice feature on uphills. I am going to have Debonair Plus R on 2016 Reign. Shall I be jealous? Does lack of "sort-of-lock-out" make a big difference? Thx for answers
  2. MTBXRacing

    Adjustable Headset-Is it worth it?

    I'm replacing the headset in on my 05' Giant Reign 2 (the bike's been rebuilt for FR). It already has a 69.5 degree head angle would the the Crane Creek Angleset offer any advantage or would I be better off with a non-adjustable headset, any opinions? Suggestions for a non-adjustable replacement?