1. Nick

    For Sale RCS Titanium spring. 450#, 1.38" ID, 9.5x3"

    RCS Titanium coil spring. 450# spring rate 1.38" ID (fits Fox DHX, RC4 and Elka) Excellent condition. $125
  2. skibunny24

    Tapeworm/Mr DNA/Silkworm/Parasite Area

    Wondering if anyone has rode Silkworm/Mr DNA/ Tapeworm/Parasite since the fire? Going to ride it tonight with the hubby and kiddo, and with the latter, I would prefer to know in advance. If not, I guess I'll come back with a report for others later!
  3. huckerAJ

    Pumptrack/Bobsled party Sunday the 25th

    GoHuckYourself is throwing a little end of year jam/race/BBQ at the local trails in Renton just above the shop. Check out the post at our site or stop by the shop and we will give you the low down.
  4. huckerAJ

    New world disorder premier…Friday…October…24th

    You really need to go to g.h.y. to scope what is going to go down. This could be the best night at skatebarn all season. Pro's, Prizes, Movies and mayhem. Just like everytime we party.