1. WTGPhoben

    Adjusting Time ATAC pedals

    For all you ATAC lovers out there, here's a way to adjust your aged and loosening ATAC retention springs (This applies to the Alium, Z-Control and ROC pedals--the models with the simple wire spring--and possibly also the old carbon ones, though I haven't looked at a pair in a while) The...
  2. R

    DJ Fork | Repair or Replace?

    I have a 2004 mostly stock Specialized P2 for 'playtime in the park' when I'm not on my XC rig. I recently blew a leak in my Marzocchi EXR Comp fork. I know right there you're saying "replace! replace!". But I was pleasantly suprised with the stiffness of it and if you kept the pressure up...
  3. erikkellison

    PD-M646 Overhaul Walkthrough

    Okay, so I hear these pedals are no longer made, and are great. I for one am quite impressed with the quality. So, knowing I was going to overhaul a set of them prior to sale (since I don't ride clipless), I decided to make it a photo-walkthrough. There are a couple hangups that a walkthrough...
  4. N

    How to fix the crunching in your 66rc2x or 888rc2x

    This process is only for the 66 and 888 rc2x models. both use the same damping and structure. on difference is the spring size and travel. If you are getting crunching from your fork and has not been that way for a while then this is for you. The bike shop will not fix it since they do not...
  5. ohio

    D3.1 and Alpine III build notes

    This should probably go in the Mech Forum, but given the components, it's probably more useful here... So last night, I finally got away from work early enough to lace up the new wheelset: D3.1s, Hope Bulbs, DT Alpine IIIs, 16mm brass nipples. They didn't get tensioned for two reasons: 1...