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    Mountain Biking Social Survey

    Hello! My name is Jacob Geil, a high school senior from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. For my AP Research course, I am conducting an impact study regarding a trail network that recently began construction in my area. But first, a little about the trail system: the Kingdom South Project aims to...
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    Questions regarding trigger shifters

    Hi guys, I've got some questions regarding trigger shifters for my graduation project. Would be really nice if you fill in the answers. Thanks in advance! :thumb: 1. What's the maximum price you're willing to spend on a high quality trigger shifter? 2. What's the most important aspect of...
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    Risky Activities Online Survey - Participants Needed

    Hey Everyone, I'm a researcher at UCLA. As part of my current line of anthropological research, I'm investigating the frequency with which people participate in various physically risky sports and activities. I'm running a short online survey as part of this research. The survey only...