1. S

    Ride with Rigo Uran for cancer research

    Morning everyone, just wanted to share what I think would be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for Rigo fans This Sunday, February 14 (10AM - 11AM EST), Rigo will be riding virtually on Zwift in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to help raise critical funds for cancer research. Love...
  2. L

    The Riders Life

    The driving force behind our show is grassroots racing and the lifestyle of bike riding. We didn't want our show to just simply fall into the run of the mill category of product reviews, race highlights and how to videos. We've structured the show to involve the people, the stories they have to...
  3. N


    Hey All, Nick here from Victoria BC. Getting into riding with hopes of doing Cops for Cancer in 2015. I will be getting into riding with either a roadie or cross in the very near future. Look forward to chatting and getting loads of good advice!
  4. nmn25

    Carpool to Rampage?

    Im located in colorado springs and was planning to go to rampage this year (been on bucket list since I was a grom) but one of the two other people in my trip backed out, and the other one is getting cold feet...I really want to go but don't want to do it solo. Anyone want to set something up? I...
  5. W

    GoPro3: Downhill in Sweden

    Video of me and some friends riding downhill in Sweden and filming with the go pro hero3 black!
  6. T

    TTC ride Saturday march 9th

    Anyone up to ride on Saturday March 9th at the TTC? Holler if you want to shred!
  7. B

    GES #6, Killington, VT. Video

    Awesome riding & racing. What a mountain. Enjoy :D
  8. A


    Rider: Ayame Video & Audio Edit: AbadBoy Recording: AbadBoy ( and Ricardo got some scenes too) Participants: Râzvu as spectator & judge, Ricardo as additional shoots. Camera used: Sony Cyber-Shot, Super SteadyShot DSC-T20; 8.1 megapixels Software used for edit: Adobe After Efects CS4, Adobe...
  9. B

    2011 Gravity East #1 Snowshoe Video

    Check out the latest action from the Gravity East at Snowshoe Enjoy :D
  10. B

    2011 Masanutten Hoo-Ha Super D

    Video Footage of the 2011 Massanutten Hoo-Ha Super D Nice trails SVBC! Enjoy :D
  11. N

    Looking for a ride guide in Denver

    Gonna be in Denver for a 2 week work conference this June and I was hoping to get some riding in during the weekend break, 19th and 20th. Any suggestions on where to rent a real mountain bike and where to ride would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone wouldn't mind an extra rider in their...
  12. S

    Women's Downhill Clinic 3/13

    Evergreen Women's Downhill MTB Clinic Spokane, WA Saturday, March 13th - 9:30 AM Come to Beacon Hill at Camp Sekani in Spokane to brush up on your downhill skills with some experienced local women downhill racers. This clinic is for women of all ages and who are comfortable on mountain...
  13. P

    Ridmonkey News Section

    just brainstorming here: what does everyone think of the news section? Personally, I think it doesn't get updated enough, and when it does the content is sometimes suspect. That is my perception of what it has been for the past while. Over the next few months we will be doing our best to...
  14. T

    New Rider South Bay

    Trying to get into Mountain bike riding and get back into shape. Looking for some people to go riding with or some people who might know where to ride. working in Los Gatos and living in Morgan Hill. Just found out about the SV Bike Club and checked out their race today. I'm considering...
  15. TreeSaw

    Team LUNA Chix NY MTB Trail Building, BBQ & Ride Event

    Join Team LUNA Chix NY Mountain Bike for a Trailbuilding, BBQ & Ride Event at the Luther Forest Trails in Malta, NY. (see attached flyer) Date: Sunday, May 3, 2009 Time: 10:00am-2:00pm We'll work on raking in a marked 1-mile section of single track for about 2 hours, before we BBQ and...
  16. elRey

    I need a ride to PA this weekend.

    I don't think anyone checks the ride share thread so I am starting this thread. I live in downtown bellingham and need a ride to the fluidride race this weekend april 3-5 at port angeles. If anyone has room for me and and my bike that would be great. I'll chip in for gas and stuff.
  17. G

    Santa Rosa CycloCross Finals - Doyle Park

    February 14th's SRCX Finals In Doyle Park seemed like a great success to me, an outsider from the north... This was the first of these that I have attended, but definitely hope they continue and we'll all get another shot at them. Snapped some photos of the day that can be viewed at...
  18. B

    Yeti and Salsa Demo Weekend Feb. 7th-8th

    Banning's Bikes is sponsoring a two day demo event, giving you the chance to ride the latest bikes from Yeti and Salsa Cycles. Join us anytime from 10am to 3pm on Saturday February 7th at the court house parking lot on the Fullerton Loop, grab a Salsa or a Yeti and take it for a spin On...
  19. CrashMasterAce

    6 Blocks From Home

    Here's a short little video I rode and edited capturing all the obscure and minuscule things that one would always hit when they set off from home. Enjoy!