1. dawnfarm

    Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery - April 2016

    The Ride for Recovery is a family- fun fitness event that will help provide critical support to Dawn Farm by raising funds for our continuum of services to assist addicts and alcoholics in achieving long term recovery. The 7th Annual Ride for Recovery offers opportunities to participate at any...
  2. Eyedfy

    Gravity in Pisgah

    Anybody got the wurd on some good gravity runs, maybe a shuttle situation either in Pisgah or DuPont? We'll be riding 6" bikes, so we're not looking for the major gnarr. Just some good tech and flow. Thanks:D

    Riding Tunes? Whats your jam

    Everyone has that certain song, or style of music thats just perfect for riding. Of course, some choose to just suffer in silence, but that perfect song has the power to just lift your spirit during a race, to motivate your dead legs and tired mind to just push it that much harder, or to make...