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    The Riders Life

    The driving force behind our show is grassroots racing and the lifestyle of bike riding. We didn't want our show to just simply fall into the run of the mill category of product reviews, race highlights and how to videos. We've structured the show to involve the people, the stories they have to...
  2. C

    Mountain Bike Guide Needed, Maine, Starting April/May 2016

    Ride For A Season In Mt Biking History: As Lead MTB Guide & Assistant manager with Back Country Excursions, LLC. Since 1991 we could be the oldest commercial singletrack riding center in USA. We’re looking for a male or female with excellent riding and people skills. A self motivated, outgoing...
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    Needed: MTB Guide And Assistant To Director Spring 2012 BackCountry Excursions

    MALE OR FEMALE needed This is a live-in position with food and private room included We are a wide ranging small family of choice operation. We are low on commercialism and high on personal service and aim to please. This job is ideal for someone looking for hard work and hard play, probably...
  4. N

    Where to learn how to ride in Florida?

    Any suggestions of good riding schools located in south florida as I wanna jump on a bike and start riding but really do not know how.
  5. R

    Frazier this weekend

    So a few friends and i are heading to frazier to do some riding and was wondering if any minkeys have been up lately and what the conditions are. i'm sure it's dry, but what conditions are the trails in?
  6. T

    Going to Diablo, What can my family do, when im riding?

    Hello dear monkeys ;) I'm going to NY in a month and it's going to be a "big city/shopping-vacation", so I'm trying to convince my parents and sister to take a "day off" so I can ride in Diablo Freeride Park. The problem is, that they don't wanna ride or watch me do so :weee: . So my...
  7. etabs

    Downhill in Neuchatel?

    Hey guys, next year i will be going to school in Neuchatel, Switzerland. My question is about downhill riding in Neuchatel. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with whether or not there are some downhill trails there, cause obviously i am bringing i bike with me, but i am wondering if it is...
  8. M

    Winter Vegas / UT riding vacation

    Hi everyone; I am going to be in Las Vegas for the first two weeks of January for a conference (one week for the conference, one week of riding). My current plan is to take a bike with me and hit up some local (or some not-so-local) trails while I am there. I've never ridden in that part...