1. O

    Lightweight DH Riders...rims, tires, and PSI

    I have a son getting ready to make the transition from 24" wheels up to 26" wheels. There will be so many options! He weighs 83 pounds and rides an XS Demo 8. Couple questions for all you small riders out there: 1) Is a 500g rim like the DT Swiss EX500 or Stan's Flow EX a good rim for DH...
  2. nenjarickard

    Strong & light rims for DH?

    Getting myself new rims, atleast for the rear which is the one that takes the dmg when i ride... I'm pretty lightweight at 70kg but somehow i manage to destroy the rear rim. I want to keep it decently LW (close to 500g would be sweet) but still firm enough for some DH. The rims i used...
  3. unusualpunk

    strongest v-brake rim

    what is the strongest V-brake rim?