road trip

  1. HAB

    HAB goes funemployed

    I quit my job today. Last weekend I got back on a mountain bike after exploding my ankle back in January. My last day at work will be May 4th, and I need to be back in Seattle on the 30th. Between then I have a bike, a truck with a camper setup in the back, and a desire to road trip. I'm...
  2. M

    Winter Vegas / UT riding vacation

    Hi everyone; I am going to be in Las Vegas for the first two weeks of January for a conference (one week for the conference, one week of riding). My current plan is to take a bike with me and hit up some local (or some not-so-local) trails while I am there. I've never ridden in that part...
  3. bikenweed

    Santa Fe and Flagstaff Adventure, a la grande.

    My friend Natalie and I took a week-long trip out to Flagstaff, Sedona, and Santa Fe. We left as soon as the Single Speed World Championships were over, and returned hours before some friends got married. She’s from Sacramento, races for Ventana, and is an all-around ripper. I live in...