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  1. dexter

    For Sale Evil insurgent size medium

    Evil Insurgent - Medium Slimeball Yellow - Excellent New Condition. For sale is a lightly used 2 year old Evil Insurgent size medium. Bike has normal scratches and scuff marks and is in like new condition. This frame has been loved and the bearings were replaced middle of last year. The bike...
  2. B

    For Sale Zerode G2 - Large

    Zerode G2 - Large The frame is in great shape, just a few small scratches and cable rub. All of the other components are in equally good shape. The wheels are good shape, smooth and dent free, the brakes are freshly bled with new pads, the suspension is recently serviced, the fork only has 2...
  3. B

    Rock Shox Dual Position Air forks - can I jump in lowered mode?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting the 2014 Lyrik DPA - but instead of using the low travel mode for climbs only, I'd like to ride it most of the time and use full travel occasionally at steeper descents. Will I have any issues with it? I'll probably do lots of jumps and rough stuff. I've heard...
  4. J

    Revelation solo air topping out

    I am looking for some help with my 2013 rock shox revelation RCT3 solo air. I have only had it since November and have been really happy with it, however recently I have noticed that there is some play in the initial part of the forks travel. It is really noticable when you are riding and pick...
  5. Rapplez

    '12 Fox Float 32 150 FiT or '11 Rock Shox Revelation 120/150

    Im in the process of building up a sub 25 lb all mountain bike. I weigh 130 lbs and I need some help and input on which fork I should strap on the front of my new steed. My choices include: 2012 Fox Float 32 w/ Fit 150mm. Fox is Fox, they're very dependable, and very innovative. But weight...
  6. M

    Boxxer race 06 making metalic clicking noise

    hi, i have an 2006 rock shox boxxer race that is making a metallic clicking noise when compressed and again on the rebound. It occurs about 5cm into the compression and gets louder the harder the shock is compressed. Also the compression adjuster does not seem to work anymore seeing as the first...
  7. letsgetit

    Anyone with 2011 Boxxer WC experience?

    Just like the title, looking for some real user feedback on the 2011 Boxxer WC. Wondering if the problems I heard they had for 2010 have been fixed? I.E. reliability, stiction, etc. Looking at them for my rig for 2011. Let me know what ya think.
  8. frango

    2010 Totem Solo Air - Boxxer problem?

    Guys, I've had few rides on my 2010 Totem Solo Air last year. It has same/similar damping system as 2010 Boxxer Team - Mission Control DH. My Totem was kinda sticky at the beginning. After 2-3 rides during the day, it was getting smoother. But, on the next day, during parking lot ride, it...
  9. B

    Rock Shox Solo Air problem (argyle 409) - "idle travel"?

    Hey guys! I have quite a big problem with my RS Argyle 409 - actually, with its solo air spring. First of all, I have (from some months) sth like "idle travel" - I mean, by first 4mm of its travel, the upper legs seem to be "loose" in lower ones - just like there is no spring inside. I...
  10. K

    Which Forks!!

    Im building a new turner DHR but i am stuck at the ultimate question... What fork do i run?!?!?!?!? Boxxers or 40's.. so if anyone can give me there input/ post some pics of your rides with boxxers or 40's would be sick!!! thanks
  11. W

    Fork Servicing

    Does anyone know anything about servicing forks. Particularly Rock Shox Pikes?