1. B

    Rock Shox Dual Position Air forks - can I jump in lowered mode?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting the 2014 Lyrik DPA - but instead of using the low travel mode for climbs only, I'd like to ride it most of the time and use full travel occasionally at steeper descents. Will I have any issues with it? I'll probably do lots of jumps and rough stuff. I've heard...
  2. U

    For Sale Zerode Downhill Bike

    For Sale: 2012 Zerode Downhill Bike Ridden only several times, excellent condition. $2500 or best offer. Specs: Zerode G1 Frame, size medium/large (more a medium than a large) Cane Creek Double Barrel with Titanium Spring Rockshox Boxxer R2C2 ODI Stem ODI Bar Avid Elixir 9 Sun Ringle ADD Pro...
  3. tidan

    For Sale Brand New 2014 Intense M9 frame

    Brand new, never built large Intense M9 frame. Frame without shock: $1500.00 With Cane Creek DB shock: $1750.00 With CCDB shock and RockShox World Cup Boxxer fork: $2300.00 Intense M9 with RockShox Worldcup Boxxer by tidan posted Aug 28, 2015 at 9:23 AMIntense M9 frame by tidan posted Aug 28...
  4. frango

    Monarch Debonair Plus R vs Debonair RT

    Guys, my wife has got Monarch Debonair RT on her Reign 2 LTD. Little blue lever is nice feature on uphills. I am going to have Debonair Plus R on 2016 Reign. Shall I be jealous? Does lack of "sort-of-lock-out" make a big difference? Thx for answers
  5. barronpj

    For Sale Marin Quake 2009 - size large

    I'm selling my size large Marin Quake Freeride / Downhill bike, this thing is bombproof. Its built with a 2012 Rockshox Totem Air fork and Fox Vanilla rear coil shock, a sturdy set of Spank Spoon rims, X9 rear derailleur, and Hays Trail Brakes. The Totem has the Lyric mission control damper...
  6. T

    '08 Boxxer Rebound Assembly Help

    Hi guys, I Was pulling my 08 teams apart today but the rebound adjuster would not come out. Eventually the red knob came off the Allen Key thingo which enabled me to take the lowers off. The thing is, now the Allen Key thing is still stuck in the rebound assembly and it wont even turn anymore...
  7. T

    Identify The Bike

    Hi guys! I recently bought a specialized fsr for $450 and was wondering a few things. First off, do you think I got a good deal?(I Do) What model and year is the bike? What parts are aftermarket?(besides the boxxer rockshox) and lastly what do you think of the bike overall?
  8. smittybit

    SID RCT3 Dual-Air Tuning Guide

    There seems to be no guides out there that show how to tune the SID RCT3 Dual Air forks properly, so here's mine, YMMV (But I hope this helps save lots of time for others. Right off the bat, I have to say these have been bar none the hardest forks I've owned to dial in properly, seriously; I've...
  9. R

    RockShox Ride Experience April 14-15 8A-4P at Loyce E. Harpe Park in Mulberry, FL

    I wanted to let you know that SRAM / RockShox is planning a few RockShox Ride Experience days at Loyce Park this weekend April 14-15. We're a 2nd cousin to what most folks know as a demo. We'll roll a little differently in the sense that we don't focus on the name on the downtube, we're all...
  10. H

    Fork Grease

    I changed the springs in my '10 Boxxer Team, the stock red spring came with Red Rum on it. I did not have enough grease to transfer from spring to spring so I put Phil Wood on instead is this alright will it cause any damage? It appeared to be a thicker grease than the Red Rum.
  11. H

    Trek Session FR to DH

    So I am in in the process of converting my 2009 Trek Session 88 FR to a 88 DH I am going to buy a Boxxer since the Boxxer's steerer is 1 1/8th and my current fork which is the Totem which is tapered 1.5 to 1 1/8th, what Cane Creek adapter do I need? the current headset is a ZS-3 I am wondering...