1. D

    Advice needed - Fox 36 Grip 2 Sag Madness

    Hey gang, I recently purchased a pre-owned 2019 Ibis Ripmo with the Grip 2 Damper on the Fox 36 and man, am I having a Hell of a time... I began by setting up the suspension the same way I always have - starting with the manufacturer recommendations and tweaking from there but after two months...
  2. J

    Fox 40rc2 help?

    I'm having trouble setting the correct sag for my 40rc2. I'v tried the purple spring(120-150lbs), blue spring 150-180lbs, and the green 180-210lbs. I am 185lbs. I get approximately the same sag measurement(26-31mm) every time. The correct range for 8" travel is 30-51mm. What am I missing????