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  1. D


    Hi people new to the SoCal area for biking. I lived in Idaho for most of my life. I rode on a Scott High Octaine when I used to ride untill I joined the Navy. Then my High Octaine was stolen from my house last year and never found. But I have now built up a new HT and want to start doing some...
  2. J

    Help me name my Valentines BMX Contest!

    Reaching out for a little help! I know this should be easy but I haven't come up with anything really good yet. The contest will be Feb 13, 2010 the day before Valentines day at the Escondido Skatepark in the San Diego area. The best I could come up with so far is "I (heart symbol) BMX Jam...
  3. Z

    Acquired a New Ride

    Off Craigslist. Picked it up last weekend. Stoked. Anderson anyone?
  4. T

    San Diego Photoshoot

    Looking for a few REAL mtn bikers for a photography project I'm working on. I’m shooting a combination of action shots and portraits. The goal is to juxtapose the excitement of the activity/environment with the personal emotion. Examples Would love to shoot as soon as possible and...
  5. sjordan72

    New World Disorder 9 viewing in San Diego!

    Hey everyone, this is an advance warning! By Monday or Tuesday it should be official but I wanted to get the ball rolling. We will be doing screenings of NWD 9 "Never Enough" in San Diego Friday December 5th at midnight and the 6th at noon. This weekend I meet with a rep from New Belgium Brewing...