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    Need help from those who've traveled to ride.

    A buddy of mine sent me a link with interest in maybe doing a trip this summer. But I don't know anything about Sedona, Arizona. See the link he sent me below. http://www.gatewaytosedona.com/article/id/348/page/1 My question is, what is the best area to go in Sedona? Is Sedona any good...
  2. AngryMetalsmith

    Whaaaaa Night Riding is Hard

    Ok, so I'm getting back into night riding and have forgot how to ride in the dark. A couple of weeks ago I kept running off the trail and flailing around out in the woods. Tonight I hit a patch of ice on the downslope of a spillway, (go figure) crashed and slid almost into the creek. My shiny...
  3. boogenman

    50mph winds, lake effect snow and work )-=

    I'm stuck in a freaking blizzard at work and it sucks! I want to leave while I still can. 18" already came down, the lake effect snow band is not going anywhere soon, droppin 2" an hour and the winds are gusting at 50mph. Can't see the road that is 150' from my office window.