sandy vag

  1. eaterofdog

    Who are the most insufferable aholes?

    I'm sure I missed some. Not a bad start though.
  2. Kntr

    Kanye West at VMA

  3. B

    I have acquired a Campy grouppo...

    Centaur 10 speed, circa 2005. Do I keep it and run it with all its weird Campy-ness, or do I pawn in favor of SRAM Rival? Does anyone even want this crap anymore? Decisions, decisions...Going on an 02 Klein Quantum, btw.
  4. stoney

    RM Work Mode

    This new RM is too bright and non-excel-like for work. We need work mode again. Peace until after works hours. -Stone
  5. jdcamb

    Harleys Suck!

    Big loud pieces of crap. Loud pipes my ass! Just another machine for foolish testosterone addled fools who need you to notice them on their loud expensive machines. Kind of like a ricer for the middle aged set. I love the springtime so I can open up my windows and hear these aZZholes going up...
  6. johnbryanpeters

    Rant du jour

    writing and breathing may both be approached as structured exercise or autonomously i am not sure if either can be said to be better sometimes words sing sometimes lie leaden most often hover between which is only as things are space is spectral, not binary
  7. H8R

    If you are on a 10 hour trans-Atlantic flight with children...

    ...CONTROL THEM. Incessant screaming baby. His two year old sister kicking the back of my seat the WHOLE FLIGHT. :banghead:
  8. DRB

    Women's Beach Volleyball...

    might be the best sport EVER! Kerri Walsh should just not stop slapping Misty May's ass.
  9. sanjuro

    Discussing your team outside the playoffs is stupid

    I noticed a bunch of preseason football threads. This is freaking ridiculous. This isn't the football forum and no one cares about your team, especially with meaningless games the NFL puts on to pad their coffers. I don't mention the teams that I like until it is relevant, i.e. the...

    Opie's closed thread

    Why did you guys close the thread on banning Opie?? You do realize some more people may want to post a comment on this issue or do you not care?? What exactly got him banned?? I thought he was on vacation or spending time w/his new baby. Even though I didn't agree w/ him all the time, Opie's...
  11. Red Rabbit

    Lord Opie

    Is he coming back?
  12. MMike

    Not pulling any strings, I have been injured by a tampon

    ....but I'd rather not talk about it