santa barbara

  1. K

    Trails around Santa Barbara

    Hey all, I just moved to CA and am looking for some fun XC/AM trails. I've heard mixed reviews on the trail conditions and don't know anyone in the area yet who isn't a road warrior. I have been hiking and the trails that have had some visible tracks are super crowded with people, I'm looking...
  2. PatBranch

    Summer Race idea

    Mike is thinking of a doing a race at the SG dirt club in July with combined times of runs on the new course and old course. If you didn't go to that last race, the new course has been improved and doesn't suck (of course, I'd like to further improve it). He would also have slalom if there's...
  3. PatBranch

    some asshole stole my bike today... (x-post)

    Here's a description I threw together: Pleae keep an eye out for it...
  4. PatBranch

    Stolen Bike in SB

    My bike got stolen while I was in class.... Please keep an eye out for it.