santa cruz

  1. DirtMcGirk

    Damn you Santa Cruz, damn you to hell!

    How do they keep pulling me back in? Why do I keep going and trying their bikes? Wife and I went this weekend to the Kirt Voreis All Ride Tour to play with some of the new frames out on the trails of South Seattle. Damn everything straight to hell, now I really, really want a pair of Blur...
  2. F

    Sant Cruz & Cannondale Test Rides, Reading, PA 9/21

    JB Mountain Bikes’ Demo Day When: Sept. 21, 2014 Where: Egelman Park, Reading, PA Directions: HERE Time: 9am - 3pm JB Mountain Bikes will be hosting the area’s only stop for the official Santa Cruz Demo Trailer on Sept. 21st from 9am to 3PM at Egelman Park in Reading, PA. Cannondale, along with...