1. ulricharhold

    For Sale 2019 Scott Genius 910 Carbon Mountain bike Size Small

    Genius was put on this earth to get you up mountains with ease and to get you back down them in a flash. The Genius 710/910 features our TwinLoc Suspension System to always optimize your ride. With a Sram Eagle drivetrain and Syncros components, the Genius 710/910 is action ready. Any Trail. Any...
  2. andrextr

    [Video] Scott Genius LT 2016 - Linkage analysis

    Hi guys! Just want to share my recent analysis to Scott Genius LT 2016... Honestly I was not expecting these results.... Bye! :)
  3. F

    2016 Gamblers

    The new 2016 Gamblers! No carbon swings? Hard to see if the 710 has one but doesn't look like it!
  4. Nanang Hendrawan

    For Sale Scott Spark 710 2015

    I sell Scott Spark 710 2015 second hand. The bike purchase at March 2015. So, it says still new look and lil bit trail. I sell this bike because being need money. The parts is still normal and there is no upgrade or downgrade which means all part still standard from manufactured. Warranty still...
  5. L

    Scott Genius TC (125mm/130mm) service

    Hi everyone! I got tired of having to send my scott genius rear shock to the shop for service, while having to - wait a couple of weeks for it to be ready - pay around 100€ for the delux service. This was the amount I payed last time I did it, 1 or 2 years back. Have another bike, so the...
  6. Bog Dogs

    Tested and Crashed some 2011 bikes this weekend

    My brother and I went to NembaFest at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire to ride and demo some bikes. The four we tried were the Scott Spark & Genius and the Kona Coilair & Abra Cadabra. We took turns on the bikes, tried different terrains and I wrote short reviews for anyone who might be...
  7. sstalder5

    weak hangers????

    well to sum it up, i go through hangers like most people go through tubes.... alot of the time my derailleur gets screwed up way worse getting chewed up between the chainstay and the wheel then it would just getting hit by a stick. I just thought i was having really bad luck up until the...