sea otter

  1. rockofullr

    It's Sea Otter Time Again!!!

    I'm ending my self imposed RM exile just in time for Sea Otter! Separated my A/C joint and couldn't ride for a while but I'm back on the bike and the stoke is high. So who's gonna be out at Laguna Seca for bikes and beers? Also the new Clay Porter/Brendan Fairclough film is premiering in...
  2. rockofullr

    Le Otter 16'

    Ok monkeys, who's going to Sea Otter this year? I'm currently trying to figure out how to get my ass there for a few days of bikes and drinking. The group from the shop I used to work at isn't making it out this year so I'm formulating alternate plans. Anyone trying to get a group together for...
  3. A

    Morpheus Skyla Stole at the Sea Otter Classic

    Unfortunately a perfect day went bad fast back in California. Our Skyla Prototype was stolen at The Sea Otter Classic. We could bear the expense of losing the bike if that was the entirety of the situation. This is the test and race bike of our pro rider Alejandro Ortiz. We need to get his...
  4. Team Geronimo

    Sea Otter Photos!

    Sea Otter 2010 was our official debut as a rejuvenated team. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it an incredibly successful event! Special thanks to photographers Devon Balet and Geoff Pitts for their huge contributions. Additional photos by Andrew Bohan, Sick Lines, and Ian Wilkinson...
  5. Team Geronimo

    Visit us at Sea Otter - Booth #546!

    We’re busy prepping for Sea Otter and wanted to give you a sneak peak at our 2010 pit setup. A huge Banshee tent will top things off. Visit us at booth #546 to demo one of the new Banshee Bikes! Just look for the flags!
  6. PatBranch

    Prototype Mini-DH bike

    When I was at Sea Otter, poaching the course with my camera stuff to find another spot to shoot, I came across a trail through the bushes, that lead under the fence by the s-turn. photo by Ian Wilkinson - http://downhillnews.com I followed it for probably 3 miles (why not?). Then the trail...
  7. K

    Sea Otter 2009 Pics????

    Does any one have any, or know of any website besides Briteroom.com??