1. B

    marzocchi 888 rcv 2007 seals?

    Can anyone tell me the size of seals I need for my marzocchi 888 rcv 2007 seals i.e35x45x7. thanks. Also will these seals work
  2. Nick

    Fox 36 Seal replacement trick

    This time around I bought the Enduro Seal kit for my 36 Talas fork. Normally wipers can be pushed in by hand; never easy, but they go in. If you have trouble getting them seated with your fingers, the cap from a Gatorade bottle is the perfect size to push the wiper in evenly. Viola!
  3. W

    Pike leaking?

    Hi guys, So I'm looking for some advice on my Pike. It's a dual air, u turn unit. Somewhat recently, I changed the seals to enduro seals. In the process, I may have slightly nicked the inners where the seals seat. I reassembled with copious amounts of suspension grease. Anyway...