1. Flo33

    Dropper seatposts overview

    Found a nice and really helpful spreadsheet with loads of seatpost facts and numbers. Finding out which post fits made easy. Thought this is helpful. http://sp00n.net/bike/seatposts/
  2. allsk8sno

    adjustable height seatposts

    currently looking into one of these for the wife's bike narrowed down to Kind Shock dropzone 350mm x 100mm adjust but I noticed Da Bomb has their Cannon Seatpost, it is 330mm x 110mm and looks pretty sweet is it a re-badged Kind shock? the dimensions are slightly different but those are...
  3. ivanfiestas

    Where can I get my seatpost cutted? (San Mateo))

    Hi, I just finished building my new bike, but noticed the seatpost is way too long. Where do you usually take your seatpost to have it cutted? LBS? Automotive shop? How much should they charge me? Thank you!