serious business

  1. 'size

    [serious] looking for input on rear boingers

    serious tag is serious. boingers are serious business. leverage curve is blue line: terrain is all lines with some other trails with more 2-4" rocks embedded over the entire trail: currently on a float factory dps w/corset can. the corset helped the small bump and midstroke but the shock...
  2. 'size

    list me your top 5 current 26" tires you'd recommend for west coast (AZ) rocky terrain.

    my go to have the the standard variations of the DHF ages ago, the butcher for the last several years and i'm about to give the wild'rock'r2 a go pretty soon on the front (keeping the butcher control out back). anything else i'm overlooking that's actually still manufactured and i can exchange...
  3. jonKranked

    f**kin' magnets

    how do they work? :rofl: