1. L

    Scott Genius TC (125mm/130mm) service

    Hi everyone! I got tired of having to send my scott genius rear shock to the shop for service, while having to - wait a couple of weeks for it to be ready - pay around 100€ for the delux service. This was the amount I payed last time I did it, 1 or 2 years back. Have another bike, so the...
  2. H

    Dorado 05, Exposed/Service manual

    I know this is a few years late but I also know that there is a few Old Dorados alive out there. This is a work in progress and some words are missing, some of the pictures may come in handy anyway! Spelling/word help is appreciated...
  3. aj-monkey

    Best fork grease in North America?

    I used to use Slick Honey when living in Aussie land and haven't been able to find a worthy substitute here in Canada. What is everyone using to lube up their bushings and seals? Currently I am using a mix of this good red grease (can't remember the name of it) and 2 wt fork oil. Nice and wet...
  4. W

    Fork Servicing

    Does anyone know anything about servicing forks. Particularly Rock Shox Pikes?
  5. johnbryanpeters

    Santa Cruz is a very interesting company...

    About a month ago, I went to LBS that sells Santa Cruz and ordered a couple of pinch bolts for the swingarm of my Heckler. Haven't shown up yet. A couple of weeks ago, I put a pretty good ding in the swingarm, so I asked LBS for quote on new one, they called back, said $250-, you can deal...