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    Session 9.9 BB spacing w/Saint

    Hey guys, New to this forum but have been on others for awhile. Anyone have some info on the correct BB spacers for Saint cranks on a Trek Session? Saint BB as well, M820. Using it with a Csixx chain guide, in case it matters. Building up my first DH bike and got a good deal on a 2012...
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    noob question: dirtbag or session 77?

    hey I might be doing a budget freeride build this summer and I need to know which of these frames is better. I can get a 07 dirtbag with a fork and some other parts for $600 or an 08 session 77 for $350 ....I cant decide. there is probably an obvious answer but i am not a seasoned...

    more pics of the 2008 Trek Session 88 DH, I was completley blown away

    I was looking through the King of the mountain blog and saw a post of the new Trek Session 88 DH. and I was completely blown away when I saw it, and then saw the weight. I'm pretty impressed quote from Trek: Vance McCaw (who works in the Product group) and Brady Schroedl (the engineer...